The Iron Curtain Museum, a history of the lives and people of the cold war.
A trip through some of our  most dangerous years.

Open Day To be announced..  the pre planning application has been done, we are now putting together our outline planning application should be in place by July/August, with a view to getting a full planning application in place before the end of the year.  We are still hopeful of an opening day next year.  this is still progressing and we are still hopeful of an outloine planningapplication by the end of August.

The West and the rest.
USSR and Allies
Come and see many of the vehicles, uniforms weapons, the living conditions of many people and how they lived their lives during this very very special period in world history.  
We are still hopeful of an opening event early 2019
Volunteers Wanted for all areas.  From tank maintenance to brochure production and cafe work.  Call for information.
The Chieftain Tank
FV 4201 One of the wests most important tanks
First introduced in 1963.  it had a long and sometimes not so illustrious career.  It never really saw much action, except in the Iraq Iran war where most of them broke down due to poor servicing,  but neverthe less they served the West well in ensuring that the USSR never actually took that next step. 
Come and see our MK10. she has been a sorry machine and is in the process of being restored.  Volunteers to help with that respotarion always needed. she runs and drives and most importantly stops, she just needs tidying.  Work commences this week, 28th June 2017

When the museum is open you can come and talk to our staff, many of which are very knowledgeable about each vehicle
The Museum will be a fun Day out with cafe, play area and exhibits.  Tank rides and other activities available on special days. 
  1. The West
    Come and see many of the West's military machines. Those items that would save us from the Nuclear, Biological and Chemical threat that were so prevalent during this era..come and look over much of the history of the west during that Cold War
  2. The East
    The Russians had clearly decided that they had a duty to turn the World Communist. Stalin was a brutal man, he was ruthless in removing opposition to his rule. He was ruthless in his control of the people. He was focused and determined. It was many of these facts that caused the west to become so fearful of his intentions. The Americans become very anti-communist and even routed many of their own people in response. The USSR ultimately failed on its path to Utopia
  3. 1946 to 1991..the World Changed forever
    The world during this time saw many changes. Whilst Russia and the West were basically facing off to each other many other things were happening. Here in the museums chronology of the era we look at many aspects of peoples lives and how they changed over this time.
  4. The future
    The cold war is over, or is it. Here we look at the changes going on in Russia and how the relationships with Putin and other leaders has changed and how the Russian machine is once again stretching its muscles, ie the Crimea the cold war really dead...