The Cold War Museum
A trip through some of our  most dangerous years.
The Cold War Museum.
Yes we have Highland Cattle, come see them when you visit the museum. 
Paul O'Brien the owner and curator is passionate about history and is always interested in peoples stories about the period.
At the Cold War Museum we want to document and identify what was one of the most dangerous periods ever know for mankind.  Dangerous, and yet,  it was also one of the greatest periods of change ever seen in all of mans history.  Whilst the military element of the period is important it is not the only element to look at here.  I hope to make the cold war museum a must visit site for all those interested in the period.  it is early days and we are just getting going.  As with all museums money is tight and we are always looking for volunteers and especially ex service people who want to come in  and relate their stories during their time in service.

At the museum currently you can see a wide range of military trucks tanks and vehicles, weapons and other items all of which were used during the Cold War era, you can watch videos, see vehicles being serviced and restored, you can if you are interested join the volunteer group and help us build the museum.  Plus dont forget to see our highland cattle   We are passionate about the museum, it has been a very long time coming.  I hope you will enjoy your visit.  

Please bear with us as we develop it and get used to what people want to see.  This is our first pass.  If you have suggestions please fill in one of our suggestions forms or email us.
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Over the next few years I plan to start,

1. a dance history hall of fame
2. a kitchen utensils hall of fame
3. the TV hall of fame
4. the technology hall of fame
5. the car hall of fame
6. The tank hall of fame
7. the Aircraft hall of fame